What would you do if the shadows of your past would truly fade away, leaving only blissful memories behind?

Status: Infected
a short Kinetic Novel Game

Expected release date: 2015

We have to inform you that there will be a delay regarding the release date of the game. Rest assured that this project is not dead and me and my fellow members are working on it, thank you so much for taking an interest in this project. :)


In the year 2XXX, a breakthrough in medicine has given birth to Memoir, a brain child of a secret government run project to tap into human memory. It was intended to help ease the suffering of patients experiencing deep depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts due to traumatic events in the past.

The goal of Memoir was simple. Modify or completely erase the memories of the broken. They believed that it would lead to a literal revolution in thought, finally a day would come where the shadows of our past would truly fade away giving way only to blissful memories...

They thought wrong.

Instead of helping ease their suffering, it only served to make it much, much worse. Because, Memoir had become more like a virus than a cure. It worked too well. Patients found themselves waking up to a foreign world having forgotten everything, driven mad at what few fleeting memories that remained, questioning wether or not they were real, imagined or implanted.

The medicine that had become a potent poison was slowly seeping into the world's collective vein, feeding, growing, becoming stronger by the second.

You play by the role of the protagonist, Axel, who also had received the medicine...


These are the mockups for the Screentypes Status:Infected might have.


Website available again!

Posted by admin on January 22, 2016
After a short period of coding and bug testing, Status:Infected's website is available again! Major update is the implementation of a small blogging feature :)

Game Development Status

This is the progres which we managed to accomplish so far:

Story: 100%

Script: 100%
First draft is complete. Currently under proofreading

Coding: 50%
First draft is coded.

GUI: 100%
Design is complete. Currently being implemented in the system.

CGs: 100% (One more!)
This game will have no sprites, just pure CG with different variations.
UPDATE: last CG is done :)

Music: 100%
The game will have  background music. For those who might not like reading with music, stay assured, in the option screen you will have the choice to switch the music off.

Status: Infected is created using Ren'Py visual novel engine.


A list of people who helped out :)

Khanachi: Game idea, Story and CGs

Shiroisalva5: GUI-Design refresh and website

Hazel-bun: Co-writer and Proofreader

DragoonHP: Programming

Voice Actor and Actress:

Cayla Martin as Woman

Ethan Nakashima as Axel

About Me

Who I am

Hello there! People know me by the name of khanachi. I am just a normal college student juggling my spare time to work on games and enjoying the company of other fellow developers. As a little girl I've always been fascinated with games but unlike the other gamers(not all) who aim to level up and get achievements I spent the majority of my play time exploring the worlds and picking up art ideas, I realized that I've been fascinated with the illustration and art of the "game" medium and how it creates fun experiences for other people. As of now I'm trying to create a Kinetic Novel game so I can share this experience with others and hopefully give them an experience that they'll remember.

Status: Infected is a short Kinetic Novel about new beginnings, a work that I guess more or less portray my starting point on this new path that I'm going to take up, it may not be perfect but I hope  you guys would enjoy  it. 


Some of my works?

You might try out visiting my DeviantArt page or visit the current Status:Infected forum thread on lemmasoft

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